Update:  November 21, 2022


Advanced Class 11 am-1:00 pm on November 28– When to Pass With Good Hands.  (Part 2)  More hands on these two methods.  This is a wonderful lesson on saying the word “Pass” more often.  There are two different situations where you should pass with your 13 point hand.  “Whaaaaat?”  All will be revealed soon, Padawan.  Location:  Foxhill.

Intermediate class:   2-4 pm on Nov. 28th — Blackwood!  Here is the classic convention that allows a partnership to know to NOT go to a small slam if they are missing an Ace!  2-4 pm.  Location: Foxhill.


Beginner class:  This week, Nov. 29, will begin the new Bridge 2 class series. Free Review of Last Class at 9:30 am.  Week 1 starts promptly at 10 AM: Is there anytime you will not pull trump first?  Absolutely!!  Let us introduce a new song and we’ll dance the fabulous Conga around the room (or at least visualize it in your head.)  There IS a prime reason to NOT pull trump firstLocation: Maplewood Park Place.

Misc. News:  We have talked to PUMC about returning in the Spring of 2023 to teach bridge again.  The sun will come out again, Charlie promised me it would when we were all stuck in the 2nd year of COVID.


I am grieving the passing of my husband, Charlie Williams. I will make sure that I’m available to finish out the semester(s) as best I can. Thank you for your patience and the many messages of condolences I’ve received.  I love you all. — Leslie S.

Charlie Williams

Beloved Husband & Father – RIP     October 31, 2022

1949 – 2022

We will be having a memorial in the near future.  Looks like our friends at PUMC (Potomac United Methodist Church (at the intersection of Democracy Blvd and Falls Road) might be hosting us for a few hours.  Seems fitting somehow for us to be there for Charlie’s memorial.  It’s where most of you met us – where we had our bridge classes for almost 10 years. I hope everyone can attend and celebrate Charlie’s life with his family.  Details soon.


What Online Classes are Available?

Funny you should ask!   We’ve been doing zoom classes for several months now and we have a large number of classes you can choose from.  I have added the titles and descriptions of all of these classes here on this website.   Click here to view.


Leslie Shafer Wins the 2016 BRIDGE TEACHER OF THE YEAR Award!!

Leslie Shafer, ABTA 2016 Bridge Teacher of the Year

Leslie Shafer, ABTA 2016 Bridge Teacher of the Year!

July 19, 2016 at the
American Bridge Teachers’ Association Convention in DC!

I was so pleased to have been chosen for this honor. It has truly been one of the greatest privileges I have had in life, to teach others about the wonderful game of bridge. A big THANK YOU to all of you who helped to make this happen. Your encouragement of my efforts is very much appreciated!

Here’s a link to the ACBL article on this award!

This site is a clearinghouse of information on classes being run by Leslie Shafer and Charlie Williams. If you have any questions that you don’t see addressed on this website, please let me know. The best years of my life started when I began to teach bridge full time, about 25 years ago, meeting all of you and making so many new friends. What a blessing it is to be able to love your job. Not only is bridge a wonderful sport, but we have found that for many students, it has enriched their own personal social contacts. Our mission statement is to spread the love of bridge to everyone. Thanks for your time. — Leslie

What’s here? On this site, you will find a list of both current and upcoming classes.  You will also find my classroom policies, humor, the best internet bridge sites and so much more. I hope you enjoy what I have included here in the website for you.