2018 March Add On Classes

Because we did not have many snow days during our Winter semester, we’re going to add the following classes that we did not have room for in the Winter Semester (Jan-Feb.)

If any of these classes do not meet because of a snow day, that class and the remaining classes will be pushed forward one week.  We will update the new information as it occurs.

There is no online pre-registration for these classes.  It is all on a pay-as-you-go basis at the discounted “SALE” price of $25 per class (normally $35).  However, the Spring Semester is ready for online registration.  Please do not wait until the last moment to register.  It would be very helpful if some of you registered early to avoid the rush at the end and also make it easier for me to keep accurate records.

If you want to print out the following March “Add On” class schedule, please click here:  2018March


Here is the schedule for March 2018:

Beginner Level:

 The Auction’s Over. Now, How Do I Play it? Mondays 7—9 PM. Taught by Charlie. New Material! New Deals! This is an introduction on how to start planning your play as a declarer. March 12: NoTrump contracts! March 19: Suit contracts! Also includes a review on bidding for every deal.

Intermediate Level:

Top Bridge Mistakes Your Partner Makes! Mondays 7—9 PM. Taught by Leslie. An amazing compilation of hands prepared by Audrey Grant. (I’m probably the only teacher in the U.S. who has this material!— Leslie) Two Weeks Only: March 12 and 19.                                                                                                                                         Note Evening Time!

Drop the Attitude! (The Other Two Signals) and Reverses! Tuesdays 10 AMNoon. March 6: Suit Preference signal (How to tell partner what suit to play next). March 13: Count Signal (How to tell partner when to take their ace). March 20: Reverses (Don’t miss this one!).

How Should I Bid & Play These Hands? Thursdays 10 AM—Noon. Taught by Charlie. You Bid it. You play it. Then we use the woulda, coulda, shoulda game to see what Charlie thinks. Three weeks: March 8, 15 & 22.

How Do I Tell If Partner Opened Light in Third or Fourth Seat? Thursdays 10 AM—Noon. Taught by Leslie. March 8: Drury; How to tell if partner opened light in 3rd or 4th seat). March 15: Do I Open Light in 4th Seat? (Casino Count). March 22: 4th Seat Preempts—Do they exist?  

Advanced Level:

 1430 RKC Blackwood and Puppet Stayman! Mondays 10 AMNoon. March 12: 1430 Roman Keycard Blackwood (Find out about all four aces and the K-Q of trump!) March 19: Puppet Stayman (Did your partner open 1NT with a 5-card major?)

Strong Jump Shifts by the Responder (Finally!!). Wednesdays 10 AMNoon. Two Weeks: March 14 & 21. These are known as “Soloway Jump Shifts.” Learn the three different types of hands that responder will have when they jump shift.